Fancy Flowers

I went down to my old stomping grounds of Philadelphia for the weekend and enjoyed their annual Flower Show with some great friends and family.  Every year the show gets bigger and better and this year was no exception.  The theme was British with displays that ranged from the wild countryside to the posh parties!  All of it was brilliant inspiration...

English Daisy - one of my new faves!
Soft flowers and Hard brick

Swoon!  My favorite display of the day!!!!

Minimalism to the MAX
My kind of Tea Party!

Cocktails and Confetti

Happy New Year!!  After moving from the beach (and chased away by Sandy) we are all settled into our new place.  We celebrated with our annual Winter Cocktail Party which doubled as a great housewarming!  Last years theme focused more on silvery snowflakes but this year I decided to warm it up a bit.  I am obsessed with the look of gold confetti dots, they just scream glamorous party to me!  Check out my Pinterest board for this party and you'll see the trend.  So from the invites to the buffet table - everything had a healthy dose of confetti!

I'm also getting more into champagne and aside from a signature cocktail, we offered up mini individual sized champagnes for guests to grab up - encouraged by a lipstick message on the mirror.  Liquor bottles were available for mix-your-own and kept neat in a gold tray.  Garnishes were elevated and classy in martini and wine glassware.  They included white rock candy swizzles and gold rimming sugar for guests to sweeten up their cocktails.

This year's all white dessert display featured candies and cookies including candied grapefruit, white chocolate covered gummi bears and champagne bubble gumdrops!!  I upped the glitz by laying a long mirror on the dining table before parading out my display towers, mercury glass ornaments, winter scenes in cloches, traditional poppers, candles, and a sprinkling of 'snow' and hand punched confetti.

Photo Credit: my wonderful friend Joan Tsen of Applesky Photography

Bike Cruise

We live by a string of beach bars and the best way to hit them up is by bicycle.  So one weekend we gathered up some friends and their bicycles for a fun bar hop.  I designed a logo for the event combining an anchor and a bicycle wheel and our Bicycle Bar Cruise was born!

Before setting out I set out a spread to fuel us up for the adventures ahead.  Pasta salad with shrimp using wagon wheel pasta, pulled pork pancake muffins, and mexican corn dip.

I also had plenty of 'flair' for people's bike and themselves... blinking lights and glowsticks (safety first!) plus stickers and streamers.  I designed and ordered the stickers from Sticker Mule and loved them!

Also so everyone in the bar would know who rolled into town (and to commemorate the occasion) I ordered a bunch of beer coozies!  Coozies were from Personalized Drinkware.  We had enough stickers and coozies that we even gave some out to happy patrons at the bars.